Super Sweet Blogging Award


Rules for the Award:

•Thank the super sweet blogger that nominated you

•Answer five super sweet questions

•Include the super sweet blogging award image in your blog post

•Nominate 12 other bloggers

Thanks to hopebloomsindarkness for nominating me! I’m honoured and so glad that you enjoy my blog. I set out writing it to encourage others and I’m thankful that it is doing that 🙂 I love her blog, it’s so helpful, so I recommend everyone checks it out!

Time for the five super sweet questions:

Cookies or cake? Cake. I love cake! And baking cakes. But mostly eating cake. •Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate
Favorite sweet treat? Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, good friends and a film!
When you do crave sweet things the most? When I’m slogging through revision
Sweet nickname? My sister used to call me Tatie when she couldn’t say Katie… does that count?

My 12 Super sweet nominations: – This is my friend Caitlin’s blog. I’m nominating her because she was the person who got me into blogging all those years ago – This is my friend Janine’s blog. She has a very bizarre obsession with Morrisons, and she knows it! But it’s such a heartwarming story! – This blog is full of wisdom, but also full of honesty #appreciated – This is one of my absolute bestest friends blogs. She’s been through so much and I love her to pieces – This blog is full of wisdom and has been so helpful to me recently 🙂 – I just started following this blog the other day, but I’m so glad I have – I literally found this blog today after I recieved a “like” from them and checked the blog out but I’m so glad I found it.

Okay, so I failed on the nominating 12 other bloggers – I haven’t been blogging long enough to find them yet!

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